Our Technology

1. B2B2C eCommerce Cloud Platform

Utilizing the Internet and Cloud technology, EDS B2B2C Ecommerce Cloud Platform focuses in delivering a fully integrated O2O solution to businesses to connect product inventory to ALL sales channels. Sales channels connectivity is limitless as that is enabled via API. EDS B2B2C Ecommerce Cloud Platform has ready connectivity to marketplace sales channels to China market that our customer can leverage on. On private-owned sales channel, EDS B2B2C Ecommerce Cloud Platform makes businesses possible to sell through the following channels:

1. B2B, manages transactions made by B2B partners that operate via tech-based systems or manual operation.

2. B2C, manages self-operate sales system including Ecommerce front end web sites, mobile apps, WeChat Official Accounts, WeChat Mini App, self-service kiosk.  

B2B2C Ecommerce Cloud Platform automates and streamlines the processes of:








2. Payment Solution

We help enterprises to enable their front end sales channels to process payment. Our payment solutions include close-loop ewallet, online ewallet and payment processing back end.

Our payment solution has built-in flexibility so that its many features and powerful components can be customised or modularly selected to fit a wide variety of business models and strategies, including support of VISA Worldwide Pte Ltd, Mastercard Inc, AllInPay Financial Services Co Ltd, Ant Financial Services Group Ltd (Alipay), TenCent Holdings Ltd (WeChat Pay), China UnionPay Co. Ltd (UnionPay) and others.

payment solution

3. Smart Innovation

IoT Smart Tag

IoT Smart tag that operates on BLE 5.0 gives visibility into wearer's interaction data for social distancing and contact tracing. This waterproof 4As battery-powered tag comes with a buzzer and a vibrating motor to alert on social distancing violation, along with LED indicators.

IoT Data Transmission Gateway

IoT Data Transmission Gateway is a Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) 5.0 gateway developed for the contact training & social distancing solution. IT collects and transfer data from IoT Smart Tag to the cloud. This device is powered by a 5v/3A USB Type-C power adapter also comes with gigabit ethernet interface.

AI Facial Recognition Tablet with Thermal Scanner

Facial Recognition tablet is developed on the reliable proven Linux platform utilizes algorithm driven facial data matching for identify authentication. It further enhanced to the use of the latest algorithm with live detection that eliminates fraud. Responding to the need for pandemic control, the tablet has incorporated with face mask detection and thermal scanner to ensure the premise one is entering is safe.

Facial Recognition Admission Control Turnstile

EDS turnstiles are built for dependable and long-lasting performance in high volume situations. Turnstiles monitor, count, and maintain reliable access control while permitting a high frequency of passage. All units can be combined with time recording systems and ID readers, including contactless and biometric systems. This results in reliable access without the need for monitoring by personnel. Turnstiles equipment with controller that communicate with cloud platform for better control and information capture for analysis.

4. IoT Data Analytic Solution

A comprehensive IoT Data Analytic Solution that allow Tag-to-Tag, Tag-to-Gateway and Gateway to Cloud communication to synchronise data to the cloud platform with Big Data to perform analysis.   

1. Business Solutions

2. Contact Tracing 

3. Asset Tracking

4. Capacity Control

5. FR Admission Control

6. FR Attendance Management

7. FR Visitor Management

IoT Contact Tracing & Event Ticketing Solutions
Steps to manually synchronise contact data to the cloud